Monday, February 11, 2013

Addition of Two Associate Bloggers

Hello All:

I am pleased to announce the addition of two associate bloggers to Most of you will have noticed that David Prescott (L) and Jon Brandt (R) have been frequent contributors on this blog, so I decided to cut to the chase and add them as Associate Bloggers.


Jon Brandt began his career doing child protection, and for 30 years has been assessing, treating, and supervising sexual offenders.  He has provided training at state and national conferences.  Jon has helped to shape best practices and public policies through his writing, media interviews, active participation in various professional organizations, and testimony before various public bodies including the Minnesota Legislature.

David Prescott is social worker currently residing in Maine. He is a past president of ATSA and has produced several books/booklets and numerous articles and chapters related to assessing and treating sexual abuse. David has provided invited and peer-reviewed lectures and trainings across Australia, North America, and Europe on such varied topics as motivational interviewing and risk management of adults and juveniles who have sexually abused.

With David and Jon joining, this will mean that readers will see more frequent posts and more depth in terms of perspective and topics covered. The site will continue to address issues from a research and public policy standpoint and keep in mind that we are always interested in what you think about the things we write and post.

Thank you,

Robin J. Wilson

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